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VC's blog: Week three

Posted June 02, 2011 in category General by Heather CROSLING

Firstly I would like to acknowledge and thank Professor Andy Flitman for undertaking the role of acting Vice-Chancellor from February to mid-May.  I would also like to thank staff for making me feel so welcome at Swinburne.  It will take me some time to visit all campuses, schools and faculties and I appreciate everyone's patience as I slowly make my way across the organisation and meet as many staff as I can.

As well as being warmly welcomed, I have been impressed by staff pride in the organisation and the quality of our teaching, the commitment to excellent research, and our genuine interest in international engagement.

Over the last couple of weeks I have reflected on Swinburne as an organisation, and on my role as Vice-Chancellor.  I believe that Swinburne exists to serve the community.  This can be through teaching and supporting our students, undertaking applied and ground-breaking research, and engagement opportunities.  In this context, I see the role of Vice-Chancellor as the steward of the organisation responsible for charting a course that ensures we deliver on our community role. 

Universities are long standing institutions and I find it humbling to think about my role in charting Swinburne's direction 50 years out.  However, I play a small part in what will be a very long story and I look forward to working with all staff, particularly my senior executives, to ensure a prosperous and productive future. 

Professor Linda Kristjanson


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