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Air traffic control project: see the results

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Posted by Emily VAN DER NAGEL

All staff are welcome to presentations by Professional Software Development students who will outline the air traffic control tool they have completed for Thales Air Traffic Control Division.

The tool is designed to help air traffic controller see the future location of aircraft based on flight path information, and has the ability to identify potential conflicts up to four hours into the future.

Though the problem appears rather simple, the algorithms that detect potential conflicts with hundreds of aircrafts in near real-time was very challenging to engineer. The project required clever use of data structures, algorithms and visualisation techniques to achieve the final outcome.

Staff are invited to attend the presentation at which the students will present the tool that they developed, the technologies and core algorithms within the tool, as well as the process they used to engineer their solution.

The presentations will take place on Monday 9 November from 9.30am to 11.30am in room EN615 on the Hawthorn campus. There will be two team presentations, each 45 minutes long.

For more details, please contact Raj Vasa on extension 5011 or by emailing


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