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Now they are 65

Posted October 18, 2011 in category General by Nyssa Parkes

Written by Sara Jervis, Swinburne History and Artefacts 10-163-school_song-swinburne_jubilee_interviews-15of15-thumbnail

The last in our 15-part series of 1960 recordings, 'School song 'Through diligence to understanding'', reminds us that the students we are hearing are now in their mid sixties. 

Half a century ago the original tape was placed in a time capsule made by the Plumbing teacher and buried in the foundation stone of the Ethel Swinburne building.

Group of overseas students in the Hawthorn gardens, 1956





The heads of the Chemistry and Art Schools talk about industry links and students talk about their courses, international student orientation activities and their feelings for Swinburne.

 A Civil Engineering lecturer predicts what is required for the future in Victoria: Melbourne needs freeways!

Teacher and student in chemical laboratory

There happened to be a duplicate tape in the archives and the Swinburne Commons team decided to let us hear what our predecessors had to say. A project to digitise, provide transcripts and images has finally been completed. To have this accessible is exciting, as a slice of mid-century life in a tertiary institution is kept pristine for a new audience. The full audio collection is now available online from Swinburne Commons.

The remarkable similarities between today and yesterday, with only technology, fashion and voice differences (very proper BBC), make this electronic archive worth a listen.

So, hear what the Swinburne community had to say on Swinburne's 50th anniversary and look at their photos, or watch them bury the capsule:

History collection on Swinburne Commons | Swinburne on iTunes U

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