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National Year of Reading and Library Lover's Day

Posted February 14, 2012 in category General by Kim Tairi

Instead of wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day we would like to wish you all a happy Library Lover's Day for 2012.

Today all over Australia libraries are launching the National Year of Reading. A  celebration of reading and story-telling. The National Year of Reading aims to inspire all Australians to rediscover or discover for the first time - the joy of reading.

Join the celebration:

  1. Give yourself some time and space to rediscover the joy of reading.
  2. Attend local National Year of Reading events
  3. Read a story to someone you love.
  4. Make a visit to your public library and borrow some books.
  5. Blog and tweet about books and articles you have read.
  6. Join a book club.
  7. Try reading a different genre or non-fiction if you usually read novels.
  8. Read blogs.
Inspiration is only as far away as your library!



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