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Posted August 01, 2011 in category General by Dana McKay

On Friday we created a new way to search the Library: using the Books, articles and more tab, you can now search a significant chunk of all the information available from the Library all with one search box.

The kinds of information available from this search box include:

  • books
  • ebooks
  • videos and DVDs
  • journal articles from many publishers
  • conference papers from many publishers
  • subject materials
  • and many more!

This search box doesn't include absolutely everything, but it does have lots of information from a wide range of disciplines. You can try it out here; once you've given it a go we'd be very interested to hear what you think.

To provide feedback you can leave a comment on this post, put a note in the feedback box on your campus library, contact us or talk to your librarian. 


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